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Pursuit of Self

I am a freelance copywriter currently residing in Pittsburgh, PA (originally from Cleveland, so I can handle all those jokes). Writing for the Web is my specialty, and my services include: blogging, website content, e-newsletters, social media and community management, brand engagement, e-commerce and likewise online marketing activities. My educational background is in journalism, marketing, promotional communications and public relations (yes, all that in one degree program!) — even that little bit of psych helps surprisingly well in copywriting.

Your copy likely needs some personality: an upbeat, conversational tone to engage an online audience. By injecting some life into your content, I effectively prompt reader action. Or, reaction, if that’s the way you wanna go. In a few short sentences I can captivate, entertain and inform your audience about your product, organization or event. I understand Web content and its strategies, the purpose of — and “what not to do” — SEO and keywords, and I can even help you determine your target customer’s personality and habits. I am experienced and creative; I meet deadlines. That’s the least of what you should expect in a copywriter, right?

I play nice with multimedia marketing and advertising companies, programmers, graphic designers; and I actively participate and brainstorm during website production, rebranding campaigns, developing and releasing products, promotions and ultimately establishing your online presence. I work with your project, team, audience and budget in mind. And, most importantly, I always respect your brand.

What all that means for you: words with personality. Web copywriting that makes an IMPRESSION.

A little more about what makes me tick: I have three cats, and I’m a rescue shelter volunteer and advocate. I also work full-time for a local arts organization. I am a former roller derby athlete, and now I call myself a runner. My favorite mobile app is Instagram. My favorite place in the world is Prague, Czech Republic. My favorite activities are: camping, road trips, watching baseball games and drinking wine. And I love cheese enchiladas very, very much.