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The majority of my copywriting is for an online audience (see: websites, e-commerce, product descriptions, email messaging), but I won’t turn down an opportunity to make your boring business materials more awesome (see: brochures, printed newsletters, employee handbooks, flyers and signage). In fact, I’ll write the boring stuff too. Hey, a copywriter’s gotta eat! Or buy shoes… whatever. I write for the Web, but I also write for magazines. I can write press releases. I do a bunch of non-profit stuff.

Copywriting rates for the Web are by the page — on a project basis — and include company/industry research, brainstorm, email/gchat or skype discussions, two rounds of revisions AND all that awesome copy.


I’ve been hanging around the blog-o-sphere since 2002. The algorithms might have changed, but creating a constant stream of fresh content will still do wonders for your popularity. Because nobody likes a tired, lifeless business page THAT NEVER CHANGES. Especially Google. I work primarily on Blogger, WordPress, whatever TypePad is called now and tumblr (I can never commit). But I can publish within your platform of choice.

I have by-the-post, content curation and monthly retainer rates available. Posts need to be “pretty” just as much as they need to be interesting to read; likewise, traffic is really important, so I’ll include any requested photos/videos, keywords, links and SEO fees in my blogging rates.

Social Media & Community Management

I’m a twitter girl. You’re a Facebook fan. Your target customers are using Pinterest. No problem; I’ve already likely got my feet wet in your preferred method of community engagement. My personal philosophy on social focuses on the word COMMUNITY. You tell me where you’d like to be — and I’ll tell you if you’re crazy. Social Media has to work for both the brand and the intended audience. I’ll help you decide which platforms are the best fit for your marketing plan (heck, need a marketing plan? I can help you with that too!). We can figure out the smaller details like sharing, growth, forum moderation and conversation management, affiliate networks, and analytics upon creating your social media marketing package.

Packages include: developing a social media presence, maintaining a social media presence and growing a social media presence. It’s kinda like a baby… but without all the crap to clean up. Note: all social media packages require a three-month contract.

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